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The journal Literatura i Kultura Popularna is a peer-reviewed yearly, financed by the Philological Faculty of Wrocław University in cooperation with the Institute of Polish Philology. The Publisher of the journal is the Philological Faculty (the Institute of Polish Philology). The journal publishes articles and review articles in all languages on the condition of completing the publishing procedures. The journal is devoted to studies concerning various phenomena of broadly understood popular literature and culture.

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The journal is the first and the oldest periodical in Poland which deals solely with popular literature and culture in all their forms and aspects, their tradition, history and present state.

The journal was founded in 1991 as the result of the cooperation of scholars from several scientific centers in Poland whose research interests comprise popular literature and culture. One of the effects of this cooperation was the widely praised Companion to Popular Literature (Słownik literatury popularnej, 1997, second improved edition 2006), the other – the journal Literatura i Kultura Popularna. Extrapolating the development of cultural, civilizational and literary phenomena, the scholars noticed the necessity to undertake studies concerning popular literature and culture and to publish regularly the results in a specialist periodical which would be available to the wider public interested in current research devoted to this subject matter. By publishing articles devoted both to past and contemporary aspects of popular literature and culture Literatura i Kultura Popularna has filled a substantial gap in scholarly research, as this type of studies had been hitherto neglected and marginalized in Poland.


The journal is devoted mainly to presenting research in the area of interdisciplinary Polish and world popular literature and culture (in the broad sense of this term), as well as disseminating knowledge concerning “cultural products” of the contemporary world, their roots, tradition, evolution, development perspectives, values and potential dangers they carry.

The articles published in Literatura i Kultura Popularna are to increase and deepen knowledge concerning popular literature and culture, to initiate new pathways, and to indicate new fields and ranges of study. The primary purpose of the journal is to propose thorough insight into the phenomena related to popular literature and culture on the basis of publications by scholars from both Polish and foreign research centers. The journal also aims at ensuring the presentation of current problems connected with studies in this area, promoting discussions devoted to most important issues, disseminating original scholarly solutions, enabling exchange of opinions and reflections of scholars from the whole world interested in popular literature and culture, promoting their research as well as maintaining regular contact between scholars from Polish and foreign research centers.


The journal is addressed mainly to persons undertaking scholarly research on popular literature and culture. However, the editors make a point of providing texts that may be interesting and inspiring for readers from outside strictly academic centers – for example teachers, students of various types of schools or fandom members.


We invite to cooperation both Polish and foreign scholars. We publish articles devoted to various aspects and phenomena of popular literature and culture: media, RPGs, genre films, particular genres, authors and themes of popular literature, literary and film adaptations, intersemiotic and intermedial translations, or transmedial genres like graphic novel or internet literature etc. We are also interested in texts devoted to theoretical and genological problems, circulation of literature, aspects of the book market, the readership, sociology and psychology of literary reception etc. We are eager to publish interdisciplinary articles devoted to various fields of sciences, not only humanities.

The subject matter of particular issues may be partly problematized. In such a case the information concerning the main topic will be provided on the website of the journal (the tab “Home”).



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ISSN: 0867-7441


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