Powieść w odcinkach na łamach żnińskiej gazety „Pałuczanin” (1927–1939)

  1. Katarzyna Wodniak ORCiD: 0000-0003-1844-418X



The serialized novel in the Pałuczanin newspaper from Żnin (1927–1939)

In the history of the Polish press of the interwar period, a provincial publishing center located in Żnin, in Pałuki region, played a major role. In the 1930s, Żnin was home to a dynamically developing press company, offering high-circulation titles of nationwide coverage (Moje Powieści, Moja Przyjaciółka). The first step towards the creation of the future Publishing House of Alfred Ksycki was the establishment of the Pałuczanin newspaper in 1927, which formed the basis for subsequent publishing initiatives. The periodical, including a few supplements, was edited in accordance with the principle of “everything for everyone”, and signalled the upcoming era of mass press. One of the ways of acquiring new readers, was the printing of novels in episodes, which started already in the first issue of the newspaper with a mini rural novel by Stanisław Kluczek, a folk writer of sensational historical novels. The newspaper featured 30 other popular novels from authors associated with the region (Wanda Brzeska, Jan Andrzej Kraśny, Alojzy Kuzio, Franciszek Ksawery Tuczyński), but also those known from 19th-century French newspapers (Émile Richebourg, Jules de Gastyne). The article presents the characteristics of all the titles published through the newspaper.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

24, 2018

Pages from 369 to 394

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