Próba analizy Rodziny wilkołaka (Siemji wurdałaka) Aleksieja K. Tołstoja, jej przekładu pióra René Śliwowskiego i adaptacji filmowych

  1. Wojciech Kajtoch ORCiD: 0000-0003-3000-2384



An attempt at a complementary analysis of The Family of the Vourdalak (Siemja wurdałaka) by Aleksey K. Tolstoy and its translation by René Śliwowski and its film adaptations

The article discusses a classic horror story from 1839. It presents those elements of the novel typical of Romanticism, as well as the ones with which Tolstoy exceeded his era. The Polish translation of the piece, published for the first time in 1975, as well as four film adaptations of Tolstoy’s story were analyzed, trying to show how film directors interpreted its universal and timeless themes.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

24, 2018

Pages from 247 to 288

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