O (możliwym) spojrzeniu na supersystem rozrywkowy z perspektywy wykorzystania wybranych osiągnięć językoznawstwa. Propozycja metodologiczna

  1. Adam Mazurkiewicz ORCiD: 0000-0003-3804-6445



On the (possible) analysis of the entertainment supersystem from the perspective of employing selected achievements of linguistics: A methodological approach

Currently linguistics treats the subject of its study not so much as a tool for social communication, but as an integral element of culture. At the same time, culture is perceived as a system of symbolic meanings. However, the same position is occupied by “entertainment supersystems” whose role is transmedia storytelling. From the perspective of semiotics they are — just as the language system — a sign. Thus, perhaps employing the descriptive instrumentarium of language mechanisms, due to its peculiar character, will allow for a more adequate consideration of cultural phenomena (in this case the entertainment supersystem) than applying this methodology outside humanities. What is more, a transfer of focus from an ontological perspective (seeking to answer the question of what an entertainment supersystem is or is not) to an epistemological one (an attempt to understand how it functions in society, that is, “how it is used”) seems to be compliant with the transition from linguistic structuralism to the post-structuralistic paradigm. At the same time, considering methodological implications which derive from the analysis of mechanisms regulating the functioning of entertainment supersystems by means typical for the linguistics instrumentarium, one can easily reach the conviction that text as an object of study has been reinstated in its central position.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

24, 2018

Pages from 329 to 356

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